About us

After developing my knowledge and skills in the financial and economics field, boosted up with "some" hints from the insurance brokerage consultancy sector (studies and experiences) I've received the opportunity to see deeply into and behind the "networks of companies". That was the exactly right moment to transform my curiosity and interest in building networks and cooperation among companies into a business activity. As my previous interests, activities and studies were focusing on tourism and new business development, I stepped into tourism market to build a new business model, in creating regional business networks, cooperations among SME's, regional Chambers of Commerce, professionals business associations and partners from the fields of tourism activities and hospitality.

Vision and Mission Consulting S.a.s. is a unique and innovative box in which I put and I will keep putting ideas, experiences, professionals and skills to build amazing tourism products and services together with Italian tourism companies in a new innovative way through an entirely new horizon.

The firm conviction is that a wealthy future needs to be built together, based on cooperation with our competitors and not agianst them. My new business methods  and strategies helped me building a network of professional connections that is allowing me to give advisory services to foreign tourism oriented companies (SME's) interested in entering the Italian market and also making new steps together with Italian companies into the field of international projects. My aim is to enlarge these networks, getting more ideas and locations to put into the box of Vision and Mission Consulting S.a.s., and help all the ones who would like to know more about tourism networks and cooperations all around in Italy.

My first step is to build more and more networks in Northern Italy, but later all the regions will be welcome, as we happily see now how these things working really well in my region, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

This is what I can say, in an extreme synthesis, about the present; the future? We will write the future together.