Sebastiano Sommariva - CEO


Born in Udine the 27th of July 1979, Sebastiano Sommariva studied economics in Roma (Tor Vergata University), where he started his business career in the financial field, as financial advisor and then private banker.

About that guy you can read more on the "about us” section of this website, now I wanna write something about me! I’m the CEO (and the "General Partner”) of Vision and Mission Consulting L.L.P.; this company represent my present and I’m sure that it will make my future awesome.

How? Working together with you and for you guys!

P.S.: someone also says that I speak a decent English.



Marta Del Pin - Administrative Director


Born in Udine the 26th of April 1960, Marta Del Pin comes from a successful entrepreneurial experienace: the company she created (Chemidro S.p.a.) had been rewarded by the prestigious Bocconi University (Milan) with the "Oscar di Bilancio 2003” ("Fiscal Document Oscar 2003”), a prize for the most transparent and „most-comunicative” fiscal document in the SME’s category.

"Limited Partner” of Vision and Mission Consulting L.L.P., she will finanacially support the company during its first 2 years and she will be responbile, as in her previous business experience, of the company administration.




Kinga Semperger - Marketing Director


Kinga Semperger is our international project expert. After many years of studying strategic communication and economics abroad in Colleges and University in Canada, U.S. and Australia, she built up one of the biggest private consulting company in Hungary related to EU grants in 2002 in the field of SME financing and project management. She was the CEO and shareholder also, coordinating more the 100 consultants, sales executives in this field. In 2004. she got awarded by Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year International Business "Oscar” – in the category of "Promise of the Future”. In 2007 she founded her own consulting company with her business partner and with some investors, and by 2010 her company ProjectMine Kft. already had more than 1000 successful projects. She is an enthausiatic and passionate woman entrepreneur, very versatile thinker, with unique competences in strategic communication. With her international connections, and projectfinancing successes, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office asked her to be an SME Coach from 2014, in which year she also received "The Entrepreneur of the Year Award” from the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employees in Hungary. The prize was given to her by the Minister of Economy of Hungary, Mihály Varga, and the Chairman of the Association, famous business expert and investor of Hungary – Sándor Demján. Since 2015 Kinga is our strategic hand in international connections, building up EU projects and finding best partnership in consortiums. Actively working on projects in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy. She is also making many publications, and social media activities, as an expert, just like doing educational and training activities for companies and associations as well. She speaks fluent english.



Edi Sommariva - Director of Institutional Relationships

In my professional life I studied and learned a lot. And I’m still doing it. I started many years ago chosing a new course: statistics applied to economy and social science. Doing this I created a new profession: an expert in distribution systems analysis and in commerce development. I’ve been a university professor for 12 years, continuing learning and researching. After that I’ve been choosen as General Director of Fipe-Confcommercio, supporting catering and entertainment field companies in facing with the market changes. I’ve also managed the public company ruling torusim in Friuli Venezia Giulia (TurismoFVG) and I created the first certified network of “real Italian restaurants abroad”. Due to my efforts, together with Isnart-Unioncamere, there are more than 2.000 “Ospitalità Italiana” certified restaurants in this network now. We recently realized a food promotion project together with Isnar/Mibact, #italianfoodexp. I’m working with Vision and Mission S.a.s. because we firmly believe in innovation and in teamwork.