To work in tourism oriented projects and service development in Italy, it’s not just an enjoyable work activity, but it has many faces and opportunities in our beautiful country. Based on our regional and country values in natural treasures and destinations, we are really passionate about what we do. Our services are focusing on doing more succesful business in general in our region, but of course we have a wide range of innovative services, just from the tourism field.

Creating projects from ideas and building efficient networks, business connections in the field - this is our core business... Vision and Mission Consulting S.a.s. will be Your ideal partner in setting up great ideas, and bring into the surface as a project, with cooperative partners, joint activities, and focusing on market opportunities as well. Project management, network building and project financing is a “stylish” consulting activity recently, but we firmly believe that only the ones are well experienced in this field will be able to do it in a professional way. As our company is young, we are working with great experts and professionals, to raise up our competences in a national and also in an international level.

We have two different types of services, based on our customers needs:

Innovative Tourism Services™

Core Services™