Updates from Bruxelles


Updates are finally arriving from Bruxelles.

The next calls for Interreg Ita-Aut (second call) and for Interreg Alpine Space should be in April (probably in May).


Interreg Ita - Aut

Eligible area:

credit: www.interreg.net


The axes:

1. "Research & Innovation": it is designed for public bodies, research centers, universities and chambers of commerce; 2 thematic focuses:

    1a) the aim is to strenghten the infrastructure for research and innovation (R&I);

    1b) to promote the investments in research and innovation (R&I);

2. "Nature e culture": available for public bodies, associations, SMEs and organization; this topic is focues on preserve, protect, promote and develop the natural and cultural heritage;

3. "Institutions": the specific target is to strengthen institutional collaboration a cross the border;

4. "Community Led Local Development (CLLD)": dedicated mainly to LAG; the focus is to invest in local participatory development strategies.

Interreg Ita - Aut official website


Interreg Alpine Space

Eligible area:

credit: www.apline-space.eu


It is focusing on the following axes:

1. "Innovative Alpine Space": the aim is to strenghten the area conditions in order to promote the innovation in the alpine area; 2 topics:

    1a) Technological Innovation;

    1b) Social Innovation;

2. "Low emission Alpine Space": it's design to promote the sustainable transports and it's split into:

    2a) Low emission strategies;

    2b) Sustainable mobility and transportation;

3. "Livable Apline Space": the goal is to promote a sustainable development of the natural and cultural heritage; 2 topics:

    3a) Natural and cultural heritage;

    3b) Biodiversity and ecosystems;

4. "Well managed Alpine Space": created for the institutions; the aim is to promote a multilevel and transnational governance in the apline area.

Interreg Alpine Space official website


While we will wait for the official dates regarding to the calls, we suggest you to follow online the "Meet and Match Forum" organized in Milan by the Regione Lombardia the 22nd and 23rd of March online using the following link.

We, the team of Vision and Mission Consulting S.a.s., together with our international partners, we already started working. Interreg Ita-Aut and Interreg Alpine Space are awesome tools to create great projects and to boost a mountain location!