Core Services™


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT consultancy for SME’s, Associations, NGO’s and Municipalities


Does your company need some changes? Do you want to speed up your business?

Ask one of our professional, what can really help your situation! Our personalized suggestions will be yours, and we will help to implement them in your business flow, giving you ideas and facts about your target market; national and international trends will be open for you! you can also apply for a personal meeting with a professional consultant.

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Creative ideas - PROJECT FRAMEWORK service


You have ideas, and would like to step on, to make them real, but the last step is missing?

We know this situation! Maybe you just need a little help, to make it happen, or maybe you just need to find a effective partner will help the last steps, to formalise a working project framework to your ideas. We are here to help!


BUSINESS CONSULTING about project ideas, and strategies


Many ideas, and many business opportunities are disappearing because we have them, but there is no tool in our hand to keep them updated, to see which one can be competitive in variable markets. Our consulting service will help you to select and rank your ideas, and get the ready together with strategies. If you will need overall market and implementation strategies – we will be at your help.




Through our regional, national and international connections, we will present wide range of projectfinancing opportunities, customize them into your field, project needs, and other circumstances. With our help you will find the best, most suitable project financing option.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT and monitoring services


To receive a financial support for your project is just the first step. Then You need to implement the financial source, keep it tracked, with many administrative steps and also monitored, also doing the financial and professional reports, and maintainance of the project. Our technical and professional knowledge will help to give a dynamic flow to your project. To make it easier, but absolutely monitired and checked.


Building business PARTNERSHIPS, business match making


Based on our international connections from Central Europe, the former Soviet Union, through the United States, and even Australia we are happy to link business connections in many stages. Our role is to find perfect partners in cooperation, commerce, and also in building up joint projects. In this service we also include relationship management with strategic partners.


Setting up and coordinating NETWORKS, CONSORTIUMS, CLUSTERS


We belive in cooperating, sharing comptetences, connections, facilities and activities. We are expert in creating clusters, networks and consortiums. There are many types of cooperation connected to the project types and the future vision. With our service you will find the most suitable cooperational acitivity and we will also help to find the best partners for you, and builing up the network for cooperating, the consortium for EU projects or the clusters to work with many legal entites from the same field together.


Proposals and EU GRANTS writing services             


More and more experiences are helping us to understand the importance of regional and national proposals, and also EU grants. There are many opportunities and possibilities in Bruxelles and in Europe; through our professional help we will find the most suitable grant for you, also we will check the eligibility circumstances, scoring and rating, and we will be your help in putting together and writing the document as well. Dont forget, if you need cool ideas, or you would like to customize your project, we will help you!




Succesful project is not existing without succesful communication and market positioning. Our strategic services will help you to build an effective strategy, a marketing mix, a social media campaign, a communication plan, and also a market implementation plan. It can be a new turistical service or an amazing destination; we are working with great professionals who will be able to help you in any effective way. Dissemination can be also a matter if we are talking about EU projects, where it is compulsory to “talk and present” your activities. Our designer and printshop partners will take care of the physical part of the job!




Based on our international connections, we are surrounded by many professionals from several field. Our educational workshops containing a wide range of knowledge from building up basic business strategies, through effective communication in your company, or how to make your products more attractive on the market, and also positive thinking and motivation in workplaces, etc. We have many many more topics, and we are really happy to set up a customized educational menu for you, based on your needs and aims. Presentations and workshops can be done in our, or also in our partners’ office. Language can be: italian / english




The best business deals are mostly happening on great events, personal meetings or business match makings. Connections do matter in many stage. We can help you to organize your business meeting, specified event as well. Our representative office and its amazing terrace is situated in downtown Udine where you can host your business partners, have meetings, and enjoy the fantastic view, and the historical ambience. For reservation please call us, and we will be at your help. We can also help to coordinate your exhibitional needs, or acitivities for thematic fairs.