Innovative Tourism Services™



Regional ANALYSIS, Market STUDIES, TRENDS from International Market


We will supply you with the most recent information from the market. There are many new trends, innovation, services in tourism; we will give all the information to you, and we will help your business to grow.




To make a destination successful, we have to focus on many bits and pieces. Microregional acitivities, connected regions, international trends, and already existing services and opportunities at the destination. With our quick destination related analysis, you will get the clear picture. Where are you now, what is missing, and into which direction we can move on.





To build up a successful region, location, destination we need cooperation! Sharing ideas, needs, services and resources. Our professionals knowledge will guide you in the field of tourism related networks, also together with its’ legal, financial and practical background.




Many grants and financial opportunities are available to finance your touristical projects. Also national and international investors are looking for projects in Italy to invest. With our connections and information platform, we will help you to find the most suitable solution for you.


Creating NEW tourism services


Beautiful destinations, great accomodation opportunities...and you have the feeling that something missing. Maybe you need to tune up your services? If yes, we will help you, to study your already existing values, and tune up with new suitable services, marketed in a proper way, to reach success as soon as possible.


COMMUNICATION and MARKETING Services for the tourism sector


Seasonal marketing campaigns, promoting a touristical service, or site, or putting a new service package into the market...We will be an innovative communication tool for you! Social media, online campaings, new design, on the spot promotions, AdWords oriented websites, Google robotics behind your page ranking, we will put together an innovative communication package for you.